About Me

system engineering & buiness developement

Born in 1982, unfortunately its just a semi prime and not a prime number but i dont’t care. I like numbers mostly prime numbers and everything around them, maybe thats the reason why i work with computers. No not really ;)! My first computer was an XT machine so i ignored the world of amiga and commodore 64.

I know what MS-DOS is and was able to configure autoexec.bat and config.sys, i played games with multiple 5¼” floppy disks. my first hdd had 8 MB. I know how to put the “sound card” to higher memory to be able to run prince of persia.

I had a CD writer in 1996 as one of the first in the city, this in combination with a 14k modem improoved my economical thinking.

I started to develop in borland pascal if i was 14 years old, my first official released program was the Földrajz kikérdező 1.0. My geographic teacher loved it because it was the most innovative way how to test our knowledge. Of course this was also the first touch with “business”, they don’t like the IT guys.

I don’t drink too much alcohol, don’t use drugs and don’t like coffe, but i like energy drinks. I’m married and have two very smart daughters.

Based on the success insights analysis (DISC) i’m a personality of 20 (green blue – koordinator) in booth – basis and adaptive – areas. I have an ESTJ-A (11% of the population) personality. www.16personalities.com

Really like series (LOST forever) mostly sci-fi or drama, like reading and to watch the sky.

Education / Certificates

General certification of education achieved in a 6 class system high-school in the years 1996-2001, this years i began to be intrested in natural sciences.

Due to my good results in the high school i got the opportunity to choose any of the universities in Hungary, so i decided to the Széchenyi István University (at that time called SZIF) in Győr. I really enjoyed the years between 2001 and 2004, this time spend on the university proved my the right choose to graduate in Faculty of Business Information Science. (nowadays called BSc)

Based on work experience i got more and more intrested in economics so i decided to start study again. So in 2012 i started beside work to study Business Developement (MA) on the West-Hungarian University in Sopron and graduate in 2017.

Due the fact that im not getting younger anymore and to learn will be year by year harder, i want to started to study professional education in 2019 as an upgrade on my existing degrees and finally in 2020 i got an additional paper named Teacher in economics (MA).

During the years i achieved following certificates moostly needed for my job or just for fun

  • 2008 – Advisesoft Fron Office (Bank and Leasing) training

  • 2012 – SAP BC400

  • 2012 – SAP BC401

  • 2012 – ITIL Fundation V3 certificate

  • 2013 – IPMA Level D Certificate (Project manager)

  • 2014 – SAP FS300 & SAP FS340

  • 2018 – SAP FS241 – SAP FPSL

Work experience


Pentatrade Kft.

First job during university. i liked this creative job as developer ans system engineer, i learned how to set up green field software projects from scratch to go-live.

developer in Delphi 5 – 7, SQL scripting and  programming, ERP system planning and implementation, writing blueprints and solution proposals


Freelancer (Rogler Oeg. – Vienna)

I decided to be a freelancer for a small developer company in Vienna. As part of the team i was as developer (Delphi, .NET, SQL)  and consultant in several printing industry projects.


Advisesoft Ltd. (Budapest)

A short break in my freelancer career after my daughter was born, i got first time in touch with bank and leasing companies. As an application manager of a new web based fron office product i mainly focus beside product developement the successfully business and technical implementation at the customers.


Freelancer – Vienna

After project implementation in Budapest i returned to Vienna as a freelancer, now with some more experience in project management. In these 3 years i mainly focus on business consulting and project management for the same company i worked for in the printing industires.

Additional to consultant activites, i get on touch with technologies like BI, SAP interfaces.


BIAC GmBH (Vienna Insurance Group)

As application manager for the Enhanced Correspondence Management System (ECMS) i got experience how a big multinational company handles their processes. I was responsible for the incoming and outgoing correspondence engine for the whole group.

As a surrounding system for SAP i got more and more experience about SAP and this was the time when i was more and more intrested to learn the world biggest ERP system.

After 3 year i became the possibility to be an application manager in SAP module FS-PM. This a specific module for insurance companies was a good start to the world of SAP and get a feeling about it.

As application manager i had the usual tasks and responsibilities like blueprinting, creating solution proposals, planning team resources or coordination rollouts and releases.

2015- now

Erste Group

In 2015 i got the opportunity to be part of the Erste Group one of the biggest austrian bank so i decided to change there. Additionally to be a solution manager for a standars SAP module SAP-FI was also a big motivation.

through several projects like Multi-Gaap (i joined at the UAT phase), IFRS9, IFRS16, GDPR and actually S4 HANA conversion i collected several knowledge in banking andleasing area. Beside FI its neccessary to get in touch other modules so i have also some knowledge in FI-AA, FS-BP, CATS .

Since november 2019 i’m responsible for the new SAP module FPSL (formally smart-AFI/Bank Analyzer) in the bank. In the middle of several implementation projects i had the opportunity to partcipate on low level HANA Database implementations where we covered the ETL and FDM part.

Why Work With Me


i started my professional career in 2003 as a Delphi developer, later i participate in technical migration – rewrite, rethink – projects to several modern languages like Visual Basic, C#, JS and React. My specialities are the integration with database and back-office implementations. Database analysis and performance is still my hobby, in my free time i started to study big data analitics.

As educational and personal purposes i helped to promote my friends self-supporting farm project as i became more and more intrested in sustainable environements. To learn and improve React, node.js and noSQL knowledge i developed ther site tanyaegyetem.


technical knowledge of SAP modules as SAP inhouse consultant since 2011

  • 4 years experience with insurance solutions (FS-PM)
  • 8 years experience in Accounting solutions (FI, FPSL)
  • 1 year HANA Database developement support (adjustemenets after takeover from externals)

some experience with time management (CATS)


I degree as business developer in economics in 2017. As an SAP consultant was important for me to understand the business and learn methodologies to support and advice them.

During the last years in several projects i acted partially as business analyst where i used my skills to translate business need to the IT.


Founder of a private programming school named Scriptantia located in Sopron. It started in 2017 and we have actually more than 30 students in age of 9-13. We offer basic scripting languages to help better understanding for analitical and structural thinking. We start from the plattrom Scratch to Unity and offer non IT students WEB developer courses based on templates.

In 2020 we introduces additionally to informatics mathematics and phisics to the portfolio and we reached in 2023 about 100-130 students on a week

“The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.”

Benjamin Elijah Mays
“I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.”

“Not my place to judge. We all fall down. It’s about how we get up.”

Gemma, Sons of Anarchy

Let’s Work Together


Tell me more about your project, company or wish! I will write you why do i think that i can help you. Please contact me on the contact formular below and a will get to you soon. And please dont use formal text just call me Ernő 🙂